Bloomfield High School is a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association and competes in the Northeastern Athletic Conference (NAC), whose other members include Bristol, Windham, Saint John, Southington Chalker, Lordstown, Badger, Mathews, Maplewood, Fairport Harding,  and Pymatuning Valley 

Athletics are an important part of the total school program here in Bloomfield because they teach participants the value of cooperation and competition in achieving team goals. We also believe an important element of safety and success in competition is being physically prepared.

Athletes must meet the eligibility requirements of the Ohio High School Athletic Association and the Bloomfield-Mespo Board of Education. We believe that participation in athletics is a privilege and not a right. An athlete needs to be aware that he or she represents more than him or herself. Because the athlete represents the team, school, and community, his or her conduct must reflect this responsibility.

The OHSAA has no minimum grade point (GPA) requirement, thus issues regarding eligibility when only the GPA is of concern are strictly a local school district matter and not an OHSAA matter. All grade students MUST be enrolled in and earn passing grades in a minimum of five courses each and every grading period to have continuing eligibility.

We hope all of our athletes have fun, grow and learn from their athletic experiences, while also taking pride in their role as a representative of Bloomfield High School.

Athletic Director

Peter Stafford 
Phone: (440) 685-4711
Email: [email protected]
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