Board of Education

Board of Education

The Bloomfield-Mespo Board of Education (BOE) is proud of our students, parents, staff, and administration that help make Bloomfield-Mespo Schools an EXCELLENT place to learn. Our goal as the BOE is to support the administration in promoting a safe and healthy learning environment . We believe the small town school experience creates a solid foundation for future success. The current BOE is well-balanced with all members having or have had children  attending our schools. The policies and building improvements that we have approved over the past few years continue to reinforce our commitment to the students and community.

Meeting Schedule

The BOE regular meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at Bloomfield High School in the cafeteria at 6:45 p.m. There are two exceptions to this regular meeting schedule.  The January regular meeting date is determined at the December meeting.  There is no regular meeting held in July.  Any regular meeting changes will be posted as special meetings.   

Board of Education

Justin Sly / OSBA Liaison 
 PO Box 45 Mesopotamia, Ohio
 (440) 313-1058

Justin Sly is a lifelong resident of Mesopotamia and a 1990 graduate of the Bloomfield-Mespo School District. He earned his BA in Business Administration from Mount Union College in 1994. He is currently the plant manager for BaseTek, LLC located in Middlefield, OH. Justin is a member of the Mesopotamia Volunteer Fire Department. Justin is married to Kelli Sly and they have 3 children.  Meagan and Benjamin attend Bloomfield-Mespo Schools and Kaileigh attends Kent State University.  Justin has been a member on the School Board since 2006. His term will expire in December 2021. 

Mike Foster / Board President
4600 Gates East Road
 Middlefield, Ohio 44062
 (440) 321-0005
Mike Foster is a resident of Mesopotamia.  He is a 2004 graduate of Kent State where he earned a BA in Finance. Mike is currently employed by CSX railroad where he works as a Track Inspector. Mike is married to Maureen Foster. They have 4 children attending Bloomfield-Mespo Schools, Olivia, Abigail, Elise, and Jackson. Mike has been a member of the School Board of Education since 2011. His term will expire in December 2021. 
Dave Peterson / TCTC Board Representative
 1420 Kinsman Road NW
 North Bloomfield, 44450
 (440) 685-4013

 Dave Peterson is the district's newest Board Member. Dave was appointed as a Board member in January of 2018 and the term will last until December of 2019. Dave is a 1997 graduate of Bloomfield High School. Dave works for the Trumbull County Engineer's Road Department as a Highway Supervisor.  Dave serves the community as a Bloomfield Fire Department Captain and EMT. Dave has two children that attend school in the district. 

Tim Covey
8319 Girdle Road
Middlefield, Ohio 44062
 (440) 693-4056

Tim was appointed to the Board of Education in January of 2020 to complete the term of the vacant position that ends on December 31, 2021.  Tim is a Product and Process Specialist at Kinetico Inc. in Newbury.  Tim has three children that attend Bloomfield-Mespo Local Schoos: Sam, a 9th grader, Tara, a 7th grader, and Hunter, a kindergartner.   

Mark Kaiser / Board Vice President
 9367 State Route 45
 Orwell, Ohio
 (440) 685-4631

 Mark Kaiser is a long term resident of North Bloomfield. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Management from Franklin University, and Black Belt Six Sigma Certification from Kent State University. He is a US Army Veteran with a Persian Gulf Combat Tour. Mark is retired from Anderson Window Corporation. His background is in Operations Management, Plant Management as well as Quality Engineering Management. Mark and his wife Rebecca have four children.  Jaramieh and Anya graduated from the Bloomfield-Mespo District in 2014.  Riki and Ruth currently attend Bloomfield High School. Mark has been a member of the Board of Education since 2012. His term will expire in December 2019. 

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