District Technology Support

Bloomfield-Mespo Local School District Technology Support Services

Our purpose is to provide the students in our schools with the tools and diversified technical knowledge to enhance success.   It is our objective to continue implementing the State of Ohio's  Academic Standards for Educational Technology in order to provide necessary skills to our student population. We also will use our technological skills to stimulate curiosity and develop critical thinking skills in all areas of the teaching and learning cycle. Ongoing technology professional development will be critical in enabling teachers to enhance their classroom environments.

Technology is a vital source of information and communication linking school, home, community, and the world.  BLMS goals will:


  • Increase students engagement in learning, both individually and in groups
  • Develop active, constructive, inquiry based lessons and opportunities for students
  • Enable students additional, varied access the curriculum
  • Provide differentiated and individualized instruction
  • Enable assistive technology
  • Integrate technology within the community by sharing district, school, and student goals, progress, projects and data
  • Provide effective and efficient communication, sharing District and BLMS procedures, policies and information with the community

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