Principal's Message

A message from the Principal

Welcome to Mesopotomia Elementary.  I am extremely excited to work with such wonderful children along with harworking colleagues.  Each day we all bring wonderful qualities to the school.  Together we learn, share and grow. 
Mesopotomia Elementary is a learning community for Preschool to Fifth grade students. We're sure you will find that this site is a friendly place where we are open to questions and suggestions, as well as new ideas.
At Mesopotamia Elementary, we will work to create the best possible learning environment for each of our students. Our goal is the same as yours: to help in the development of a healthy, happy child prepared to move smoothly toward becoming a productive member of society.
We recognize that a strong home-school partnership is the means to success. Our Parent- Teacher Organization supports our school and the academic programs offered throughout each school year. We invite you to become involved and get to know our dedicated staff, our outstanding programs and our commitment to educational excellence. 
Together, we can make a positive difference for the children in our community.  If you cannot find what you need within the site, please call our office 440-693-4125.
Joanna Lukz
Contact Information
[email protected]
Phone 440 - 693 - 4125 
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