Report Cards for the Third Nine Weeks will be sent home this Friday, April 1, 2022
6 months ago, Joanna Lukz
Tonight's softball game vs Mathews has been postponed until a later date.
6 months ago, Jim Henson
The district will be using a 2-bus run system this afternoon. Please adjust accordingly as student drop off times could change.
6 months ago, John Sheets
The Bloomfield-Mespo Local School Board members display their certificates of Appreciation for their Service. Thank you for all you do leading the school district!
9 months ago, Bloomfield Mespo Local
Mr. Sheets was able to present Mrs. Sampson with a certificate of recognition for her community engagement and fundraising efforts at the BOE meeting.
9 months ago, Bloomfield Mespo Local
The Government classes have been studying the Electoral College and did a simulation on how the process works. Pairs competed with dice rolls to win states and votes.
9 months ago, Bloomfield Mespo Local
January is School Board Recognition Month. Mesopotamia Elementary students and staff created a “Thank you” card for the School Board.
9 months ago, Bloomfield Mespo Local